Brother DCP-110c All-in-one with CISS

Buy All-in-one Brother DCP-110c with CISS and make 30 times more quality prints for the same money! Pay only 0.04 USD for A-4 full color print!

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    Brother DCP-110c All-in-one with CISS

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New tube technology of Brother dcp-110c

Are machine body inbuilt ink tanks an advantage?

Brother dcp-110c wireless all-in-one inkjet printer differs from its mates because of internal workings. The main difference of the device is that its ink tanks are inbuilt into the machine body, while most other printers and multifunctional devices get them fitted to a print head. Here special tube system transfers inks to the print head. It’s called Capillary Tube Technology, as Brother have announced.

The main point of introducing such a system is to reach the minimum weight of the print head. It helps to reduce vibration and noise of the side-to-side print head’s motion. As testing shows, the vibration from dcp-110c printer is less than of some other devices of this price range. But we assume that rollers and feed mechanisms are noticeably audible, comparing with Brother mfc-240c or  Brother mfc-465cn.

The multifunctional device we observe provides four different modes for document printing: fine, normal, fast normal and fast. Modes’ names speak for themselves, so fine mode is clearly the darkest and sharpest among all and, sure, the slowest one. Fine mode produces grey text suitable mostly for proofing, fast normal is noticeably darker and sharper, and normal provides relatively sharp text very similar to the fine mode’s, but still not of that high quality.

Printing, scanning, coping at pleasure or with measure?

During our testing, Brother printer dcp-110c printed a full page of text out for 17 seconds in fast mode, 22 seconds in fast normal, 30 seconds in normal and 1 minute and 15 seconds in fine mode.As to photo printing, the all-in-one demonstrated really good sharpness comparing, again, with printers of the same price range. But there was slightly noticeable color banding of gradation areas. We noticed that because of the paper output mechanism’s characteristics, consistent roller patters affected all photos printed while testing at the right edge.

At the next stage of our “investigation” we examined scanning function of Dcp-110c Brother installed basic driver, TWAIN, that allows for general custom settings (contrast/ brightness and resolution), but forgot about the ability to descreen images, the device don’t let you to take out patterns that may appear when scanning a book or a magazine. For someone it may become an advantage as the lack of options and features make it very simple and easy to use. If you need basic ordinary scanning, you will be pleased with color capabilities. Brother also provides ScanSoft’s OmniPage for optical character recognition, that works fast and prepare text for editing very quickly. Still, some mistakes like misinterpretation of “rr” as “n” may occur.

Brother printers dcp-110c have scan keys on the control panel, which makes it easier and quicker to scan images and documents to the computer or a memory card. Photocopying color documents you’ll find out copies a bit different from the original ones with the different level of clarity.

One more convenience is quick and simple copying and scanning with shortcut buttons and the Brother Control Center software center.