Epson Stylus Office BX305F All-in-one InkJet Printer with CISS

Buy Printer Epson Stylus Office BX305F with CISS and make 30 times more quality prints for the same money!
Pay only 0.04 USD for A-4 full color print!

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  • Whole set:
    Epson Stylus Office BX305F All-in-one InkJet Printer with CISS
    • Total price of this set consists of Epson Stylus Office BX305F (USD):
    • Epson Stylus Office BX305F 95.99
    • Continuous Ink Supply System 65.9
    • Set of photo ink (4* 130 ml) 23.96
    • Installation - FREE (in the office only)

Total amount — 185.85 USD

Warranty 12 months

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Review of multifunctional printer Epson Stylus Office BX305F

Stylus bx305f is a multifunctional printer, which was represented by Epson as a speedy all-in-one device with a high quality level of operation. It was designed to be used in offices and was meant to execute all the necessary office tasks. The device in question copes with its print job excellently. It can print documents and photos, scan and make copies, moreover it can send different files by fax. stylus bx305f epson will be a perfect assistant both at home or in your office, because it has all the required functions and fulfills its tasks speedy and qualitatively.

Multifunctional printer Epson Stylus Office BX305F

Main characteristics of the device

Printer Epson stylus office bx305f has rather large dimensions, but nevertheless you can install it anywhere. The device will not take a lot of working space and at the same time it will satisfy all your demands as to printing, copying and other tasks. This printer has a two-row LCD due to which you can use it without PC. The printing speed of Epson stylus office bx305f printer in black-and-white printing mode for A4 format is up to 31 pages per minute and you can print or make copy of any document very fast. As to the color printing, the speed in this mode is 15 pages per minute. The maximum printing resolution of the device is 5760?1440 dpi. Moreover, this printer supports such operating systems as Windows Vista/2000/XP/x64, Mac OS X 10.2.8, Mac OS X 10.3.9 and older.

The printing head of the device is of a high quality and it will provide you with speedy, qualitative operation and high level of transmission accuracy of photos and other images. Due to its high speed and multifunctionality, this all-in-one printer will help you to complete all the necessary office tasks very fast. Also, we would like to draw your attention to the model epson stylus office sx445, which has the similar characteristics.

Original Continuous Ink Supply System

Epson stylus office bx305f all-in-one printer is equipped with original Continuous Ink Supply System. Due to this system the operation process will be quicker and easier and moreover you will be able to make great savings on consumable materials. Also, CISS will provide you with more qualitative printing without additional expenses. The ink tanks of CISS are very handy in usage and they will provide you with long printing process without any interruption. By using CISS, you just have to refill ink reservoirs and you can continue your work.

Everybody knows, it takes a lot of time to change the cartridge, but you don't have to replace it anymore and waste your time. Epson stylus office bx305f all-in-one printer is a perfect device, which will be a good assistant for you. It will provide you with a high qualitative printing of photos, documents and different images, and moreover, due to it you can lower you expenses. By buying epson stylus sx435w you will obtain a compact home photo laboratory, which could be proud of its wide range of functions and speedy and qualitative printing.

Easy-to-use Epson bx305f

If you wish to complete all the needed printing tasks quickly and qualitatively, you should purchase epson printer stylus bx305f. Due to it you will able to print, make copies, scan and even to send fax rather quickly. This multifunctional printer is meant for fast and quality fulfillment of different office tasks. Stylus bx305f printer is compatible with different types of medias. Furthermore, you can print documents of any format without smearing effect due to its qualitative original printing head.

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