• Photos with Multiple Exposure Multiple Exposure or Double Exposure photos as they are also called presuppose technique of making two photos merged into single one. The number of effects you can achieve is nearly limitless, so you can originate snapshots with mirroring, overlaying, object merging and similar effects.
  • Illuminated Water Show This water and illumination performance could not have appeared somewhere else than Japan that is famous for its ahead-of-time technologies. Al the wiling can observe this show annually as it takes place either in winter or in spring every year.
  • Twitter Ticker from Dot Matrix Printer Nowadays social networks gain popularity with considerable share of users signed in twitter. It is not surprising that tech geeks trying to facilitate virtual communication by designing machines for checking and printing of twits. Such “twitprinter” is nothing else than a converted old dot matrix printer.

All in one HP with CISS

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  • HP OfficeJet L7780 All-in-one InkJet Printer with CISS
    HP OfficeJet L7780 All-in-one InkJet Printer with CISS
    605.00 USD

    Multi-function device, which will be an ideal purchase for your office. In one case combines a scanner, printer, copier and fax. Also, at your service high-speed color printing, a set of tools and features to improve performance


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HP Inkjet All in one for Home and Office Use.

Inkjet HP All in one represents a time-proved reliability. Devices presented in this section are functional and high-qualitative ones. In our catalogue you may choose multi-functional devices, which will cope with different printing tasks. You may buy All in one for printing, scanning and copying of documents. Moreover, the devices from different model lines are intended for use in different conditions. For example, the multi-functional product Hewlett Packard of OfficeJet mark is perfect for office needs. Home users would better buy an ink-jet HP All in one from the line Photosmart Premium.

Photosmart Premium devices cope with printing of photos and color images perfectly. Color HP All in one is created especially for bright photos with vivid colors. Extended print system draws the details perfectly and provides subtle color gradation and precise color rendering. HP All in one can also be bought for scanning and copying of photos. High-qualitative scanner with a good resolution lets digitize old photos, in order to their further editing and printing. So, you may bring to life your favorite old photos or prolong life of pleasant memories. Also offer all in one printer scanner copier Alaska.

Printers-scanners-copiers (HP All in one) of model line Photosmart Premium are simple and handy in use. The models are equipped with an intuitive control panel. Almost every colour HP All in one gives the possibility of printing without PC. All amateur and professional photographers can quickly and without extra movements print photos directly from their digital cameras. When printing autonomously, all you should do is to connect a camera to a printing device (or put a memory card into a card-reader), choose necessary shots on a colour LCD monitor, edit brightness and contrast if necessary, and then just print them. By the way, has been available brother all in one wireless printer Colorado.

You may buy HP All in one not only for photo printing and scanning, but for making office tasks as well. Especially for that, the company has worked out and presented a model line of OfficeJet devices. A relatively cheap and functional ink-jet HP OfficeJet All in one copes with all work, needed in an office. The device quickly digitizes documents and images, copies and scans materials. By the way, office All in one copiers are well-known for their high print speed and high quality of printing. Many models can work as faxes as well. So, the printing devices, presented in this section, can quickly turn into indispensable office workers.

Every ink-jet HP All in one, presented in catalogue, is simple and convenient. It’s really convenient to use these devices. Ergonomic multi functioners have plenty of useful extras. One of the most useful and widespread extra is a possibility of autonomous working. You may print photos, edit them, or use special effects without PC. Many HP All in one copiers also give an opportunity to copy documents with pushing of several buttons. We also offer large format plotter Illinois.

In our catalogue you will also find HP All in one with Wi-Fi. These devices are very convenient in use. They let work wirelessly, that’s why you can place them anywhere, irrespective of wires and PC placing. Moreover HP All in one with Wi-Fi may be used by several users at once, even if they are in different corners of a room or office. On our site you can also buy HP All in one with duplex and Bluetooth support. Thanks to the Bluetooth support, you can print photos from a notebook, or even a mobile phone. One can buy HP All in one for a qualitative, economic and convenient work. Thanks to a pre-installed continuous ink supply system, you can print and copy materials for ridiculous sums of money. Buying HP All in one with CISS means making sure of the fact, that qualitative photos and text documents can be very cheap. CIS system lets gets photo prints for a minimal cost price. The economy, made with the help of the products presented on, will enjoy as home or office users as businessmen. CISS helps to save a family budget, an office budget and income in general (to those, who earns on printing).

Just try to count how much you can save with CISS. The cost price of every printing made with a continuous ink supply system is 25-30 times less that the cost price of the same document, created with original cartridges. That’s why you may buy HP All in one and enjoy high-qualitative and affordable printing, starting with the first day of usage. The device, which saves your own money is not a bad choice, is it? It is CISS, installed on HP All in one as well as on plotters offered by our company. With the help of our site you can buy an economic and reliable multi functional device. Also check out continuous ink supply system hp Virginia.

But economy doesn’t mean loss of quality or reliability. You may buy HP All in one and print as stably as with original consumables. Our specialists have taken care of absolute safety of the system for printer devices. All CISS elements are made so that an ink-jet HP All in one keeps its reliability and quality. The system is 100 % compatible with a printer device. Specialists install the system on HP All in one very accurately. Buying of printing devices from this section means getting perfect prints and a stable work of a multi functional product and other devices, for example, Epson plotters.

You may buy HP All in one on our site. To do it just press the “buy” button near the chosen device and make an order. Our managers will call you back on the telephone number that you noted, and specify the terms of payment and delivery. You may purchase HP All in one as well as Brother All in one at a usual off-line store also. You can do it at regional representative offices of Inksystem company.