• Photos with Multiple Exposure Multiple Exposure or Double Exposure photos as they are also called presuppose technique of making two photos merged into single one. The number of effects you can achieve is nearly limitless, so you can originate snapshots with mirroring, overlaying, object merging and similar effects.
  • Illuminated Water Show This water and illumination performance could not have appeared somewhere else than Japan that is famous for its ahead-of-time technologies. Al the wiling can observe this show annually as it takes place either in winter or in spring every year.
  • Twitter Ticker from Dot Matrix Printer Nowadays social networks gain popularity with considerable share of users signed in twitter. It is not surprising that tech geeks trying to facilitate virtual communication by designing machines for checking and printing of twits. Such “twitprinter” is nothing else than a converted old dot matrix printer.

Imperial Six-Twenty Snapshot Camera [ART+DESIGN]

Cameras of the 20th century.

Imperial Series was the dream of most American people of the 1950s. This is the Imperial Six-Twenty snapshot camera, one or the first colored cameras that was made in the USA.

It is a box camera produced by Herbert George Co. Chicago / Illinois or simply Herco Imperial. Though the company manufactured cameras not of the highest quality, there are some that still work.
Herbert George Company did its best to bring style and elegance to their bakelite and plastic cameras. What makes this camera notable, except of being produced in the middle of the previous century, is that it makes square photos.