• Photos with Multiple Exposure Multiple Exposure or Double Exposure photos as they are also called presuppose technique of making two photos merged into single one. The number of effects you can achieve is nearly limitless, so you can originate snapshots with mirroring, overlaying, object merging and similar effects.
  • Illuminated Water Show This water and illumination performance could not have appeared somewhere else than Japan that is famous for its ahead-of-time technologies. Al the wiling can observe this show annually as it takes place either in winter or in spring every year.
  • Twitter Ticker from Dot Matrix Printer Nowadays social networks gain popularity with considerable share of users signed in twitter. It is not surprising that tech geeks trying to facilitate virtual communication by designing machines for checking and printing of twits. Such “twitprinter” is nothing else than a converted old dot matrix printer.

CISS for Epson

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CISS for Epson – an indisputable alternative to original cartridges

Not so long ago a continuous ink supply system (CISS) was invented in order to make printing costs cheaper. “But how is it connected with Epson printer and original cartridges?”, you may essentially ask. Let us see what the point is. This system is immediately connected with all kinds of printing devices as it can become a perfect alternative to original consumables.

Working principle of continuous ink supply system is that inks interruptedly run from the external tanks to the printing head though the attached ink tube. In other words, the system is situated outside the printing device. This enables users to refill ink without opening the lid. Besides, the external tanks have much more higher capacity than cartridges themselves. This decreases printing expenditures in several times. However CISS is not the only alternative to the genuine consumables. There are also RCs (refillable cartridge for Epson). Refillable Cartridges Epson Plotters, printers and all-in-one devices will save your money, though they have lower capacity.

Consumables for Epson printers help you to save on printing

As you can understand, the main advantage of CISS for Epson printer is that it reduces your printing expenditures. After a once-only purchase of CISS, you will have an opportunity to abandon constant expenses on new cartridges and will stop overpaying for brand-name and plastic tanks. Ink tanks of continuous ink supply system have higher capacity if compared to original cartridges and can hold 100-130 ml of ink! This increases the amount of prints without additional CISS refilling. Continuous ink supply for Epson will provide noticeable economy. That is why using such construction for production purposes, in large or small offices is absolutely reasonable. For photo studios that print a lot, this innovative device will be indispensable. There is no doubt that CISS will be useful for home usage as well. For instance, it will be handy if you have to print different photos and pictures on multifunctional device or printer.

But cost-effectiveness is not the only feature that attracts thousands of people to buy CISS for Epson printers. The other significant characteristics are simplicity and the fact that the system is an easy-to-use one. You can choose the capacity of the tanks and refill CISS with inks without any help. CISS for Epson printing devices enables users to control ink level inside the tanks. As soon as you have noticed ink run out, you can just refill required tank with ink. Due to that you will escape from frequent and pretty unpleasant procedure of cartridges refilling. Moreover, this innovative invention is eco-friendly. Just imagine the enormous amount of plastic cartridges that are thrown away annually! If using CISS you prevent damaging to the environment.

CIS system won’t do any harm to your printing device and won’t interfere in its original construction. The system is completely identical to genuine cartridges as it is constructed by analogy to them. Generally speaking, continuous ink supply system is a profitable, convenient and efficient decision for printing!