Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) for Epson Expression Home XP-405WH

Try Continuous Ink System with your Epson Expression Home XP-405WH0 and make 30 times more quality prints for the same money! Pay only 0.04 USD for A-4 full color print!

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Warranty 12 months

CISS for Epson Expression Home XP-405WH

Number of colors:

dye-based ink "INKSYSTEM" (South Korea), 4 colors 130 ml

Material of CISS:

2 years

Country of origin:
South Korea

*note that the ink is not included in the CISS cost; you can order the CISS already filled with ink.

1 CISS Check the price with the manager = 56 original cartridges 840 USD

Review of CISS Epson XP-405wh

Continuous Ink Supply System is an ideal alternative to the original cartridges for inkjet printing. CISS provides economy as well as convenience. You can acquire CISS for printer EPSON and your printer will print two times more cheaper than now.

Components of CISS

Continuous Ink Supply System consists of three parts: special tanks, where the ink of different colors is, silicone tube and cartridges with chips. Now you can acquire Epson XP-405wh CISS or CISS Epson WF-3010DW, and you will not need to get to the shop to buy a new set of cartridges when the ink runs out. The ink enters the cartridge through a small tube from special tanks. The only thing that you need is to add the ink!

Bulk ink system for Epson XP-405wh is made of polycarbonate. This material is solid and wear-resistant. Ink tanks of Continuous Ink Supply System from INKSYSTEM have the same shape and correspond to the all-world standards. Tube of this CISS (as ciss epson wf-2010w) is made of silicone of В«A1В» class (for comparison, the same class of material is used in medicine).

Advantages of using continuous ink system Epson XP-405wh for home and office

Continuous Ink Supply System CISS for Epson Expression Home XP-405WH

Firstly, it's economy in price 20 times. If an ordinary cartridge of one color is of 8 ml, the refilled unit with Continuous Ink Supply System is of 120 ml of ink. In future after buying cis Epson XP-405wh you can easily add the ink and use all the advantages of the most accessible printing system.

Secondly, ink system for Epson XP-405wh for printing with ink is very reliable. This Continuous Ink Supply System is manufactured at a modern factory in South Korea with the use of the most modern technology.

Thirdly, with the use of Continuous Ink Supply System increases the productivity of printing device. You do not need to buy each time new cartridges. After buying and installing an inkjet printer with CISS will print 15 times more!

We want to mention that CISS perfectly fits to print color texts and photographs effectively and cheaply. You can acquire ciss ink system Epson XP-405wh online on our site. You may buy CISS for printer EPSON of this model for home: now printing of texts and photographs will cost much cheaper. You may also use CISS in the office for printing prices as well as booklets, different commercial proposals, graphs, diagrams.