Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) for Epson nx130

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Total amount — 66.00 USD

Warranty 12 months

Country of origin:
South Korea

Material of CISS:

version 5.0

Numbers of original cartridges:
T125120, T125220, T125320, T125420


1 CISS 66.00 USD = 56 original cartridges 840 USD

Continuous ink system Epson NX130

The continuous ink system Epson NX130 is an optimal way to use a printer to the best advantage. CISS ink system Epson NX130 allows reducing expenses on printing 20-30 times, while providing the same quality of the print. The cost of ink in CISS Epson NX130 is much lower, since the ink tanks contain the same amount of ink as several original cartridges, but their price does not include plastic containers cost and brand margins. Instead of dumping empty cartridges and polluting the environment with even more plastic, users of Epson NX130 CISS and other systems, such as ciss epson nx420, can simply refill their ink tanks and continue printing with them. In this way, when CIS for Epson NX130 is utilized, every print not only saves money, but also contributes to protecting the environment.

Epson artisan 800 ciss

In addition to this, a CIS for Epson NX130 user does not have to interrupt the printing process when ink runs out. One does not have to stop the printer and open its lid to change a cartridge, but can just add more ink to an outwardly connected ink tank. Like ciss epson artisan 730, bulk ink system for Epson Stylus NX130 is especially advantageous for a printing company or even a regular office with a lot of paperwork to be printed. The ink system for Epson NX130 can be used by consumers on a home computer as well, since the structure of the system is extremely easy to understand and operate.

Beside its efficiency in terms of printing cost and time, the continuous ink system Epson NX130 is a 100% safe system that can do no harm to the printing device. Its professional South Korea assemblage, which is done in top level production facilities, high quality materials, and ink cartridges, identical to original ones, make CISS Epson NX130 a reliable and secure solution that consumers can entrust their printing devices to.