Continuous ink supply system (CISS) HP Deskjet 1180/ 1880/ 2580 (cartridges 40, 41)

Buy CISS HP Deskjet 1180/1880/2580 (cartridges 40, 41) and make 30 times more quality prints for the same money! Pay only 0.04 USD for A-4 full color print!

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Total amount — 125.00 USD

Warranty 12 months

Country of origin:
South Korea

Material of CISS:

the same as original


1 CISS 125.00 USD = 56 original cartridges 840 USD

Ciss HP Deskjet 1180/1880/2580

Number of colors*:


Recommended ink:
"INKSYSTEM" Dye based ink (South Korea)

Compatibility with the printer:
100 %

6 months

The product contains:
- Continuous Ink Supply System
- Set of air-filters, spare parts, syringe
- Certificate for free installation
- Detailed Installation Guide
- Packing Box
- Warranty - 6 months
*note that the ink is not included in the CISS cost; you can order the CISS already filled with ink.