Printer Epson Inkjet Photo L800 with original CISS

Buy all in one Printer Epson Inkjet Photo L800 with original CISS and make 30 times more quality prints for the same money! Pay only 0.04 USD for A-4 full color print!

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Warranty 12 months

Photo Printer Epson L800

Epson L800 is world's first inkjet printer with built-in continuous ink supply system. This device is perfect for photo labs, private photographers, and many other business users, searching for high-quality and at the same time economical printing. With its help, you can get great pictures and images on CD/DVD discs.

Epson Inkjet Photo L800 has a six-color set of inks, and allows to transfer all the tones and shades of the image. The maximum print resolution is 5760x1440 dpi, and the volume of an ink drop - 1.5 pl. This printer will appeal to all fans of color photos, due to it you can get great quality of pictures.

Another major advantage of this device is its speed characteristics. The Printer Epson Inkjet Photo L800 allows getting photos of the format 10x15 just for 12 seconds, and printing documents at the speed of 38 pages per minute in color and 37 for monochromatic ones.

MFP Epson Inkjet L800 - a perfect combination of economy and quality

MFP Epson Inkjet L800Epson L800 is equipped with the original CISS, consisting of containers with the volume of 70 ml, which let you print much more, without worrying about forced cartridge replacement. In this case the printing costs are lower by an order of magnitude in comparison with all other inkjet printers. We also recommend you to consider an excellent model for low-cost and qualitative printing Epson L100.

Multifunctional Epson L800 has a fairly modest performance in terms of various "bells and whistles" - no remote connections, card readers and displays. The switchboard consists of buttons with LED-indicators, including power on/off, the ink tanks refilling and cancalling tasks. Easy software installation allows to start the device operation within two clicks If you are looking for a device with the original CISS, pay attention to the excellent MFP Epson L200.

Practical design

This printer is not an ultra-compact one, however its well-thought-out design makes it quite a nice addition to any workplace. The casing made of thick plastic is strong enough, and replacement of the brand glossness by more practical matte and patterned coating makes it the most practical in use. Some originality to L800 is given by a cross-sectional pentagon.

The continuous ink supply system from Epson is placed in a glossy case and conveniently mounted on the lateral side of the printer. The developers have also taken care of comfortable transportation of the Epson Photo L800, having provided it with a special lever for stopping the flow of ink. The ink containers are easy and convenient to fill, and the problem with regular cartridge replacement will be solved once and for all.


The manufacturing company positions this device as a corporate printer for stable and reliable operation. Designed specifically for photo salons and laboratories, Epson Photo L800 provides you with great quality of color images, using original inks only. Official prodecer's warranty period makes of 6 months or 3,000 prints.

Nowadays there are no competitors of this kind at the "Print Factory" line of this kind. Currently Epson is the only company among the giants in the sphere of printing equipment, which produce devices with the original factory CISS unit. Epson Photo L800 is a modern representative of fast and cheap printing.

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