• Photos with Multiple Exposure Multiple Exposure or Double Exposure photos as they are also called presuppose technique of making two photos merged into single one. The number of effects you can achieve is nearly limitless, so you can originate snapshots with mirroring, overlaying, object merging and similar effects.
  • Illuminated Water Show This water and illumination performance could not have appeared somewhere else than Japan that is famous for its ahead-of-time technologies. Al the wiling can observe this show annually as it takes place either in winter or in spring every year.
  • Twitter Ticker from Dot Matrix Printer Nowadays social networks gain popularity with considerable share of users signed in twitter. It is not surprising that tech geeks trying to facilitate virtual communication by designing machines for checking and printing of twits. Such “twitprinter” is nothing else than a converted old dot matrix printer.

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  •  HP DesignJet 70 with CISS
    HP DesignJet 70 with CISS
    1140.00 USD

    HP Designjet 70 Printer is ideal CAD users, such as architects, engineers and designers who need an affordable and versatile color printer to create drawings, images, drafts and final prints


  •  HP DesignJet T610 with CISS
    HP DesignJet T610 with CISS
    2714.00 USD

    This is an ideal printer for small architectural, construction and engineering companies that require multifunctional widescreen personal printer for printing high-quality domestic projects such CAD

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  •  HP DesignJet 130 with CISS
    HP DesignJet 130 with CISS
    1874.00 USD

    Ideal for artists, designers, which in creating compilations, layouts, models, and proofs just needed an exceptionally high quality images and the highest color fidelity

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  •  HP DesignJet T1100ps 44
    HP DesignJet T1100ps 44" with CISS
    6537.00 USD

    By using black ink set of HP Vivera three types will be satisfied all the requirements for accuracy and clarity of lines projects CAD visualizations and presentations.


  •  HP DesignJet T610 44
    HP DesignJet T610 44" with CISS
    3529.00 USD

    is a high performance internal print any technical drawings and renderings. A set of black ink HP will provide three types of high quality professional print materials. Excellent compatibility will save time.

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