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A multifunctional device Epson L300 with original CISS

We would like to draw your attention to a new representative of "Epson Print Factory". It is Epson L300 with original CISS. This printer is a perfect example of quality device, which will provide you with cost-effective and qualitative printing. Due to the availability of Continuous Ink Supply System you will make great savings, because you don't have to spend extra money on expensive cartridges. You just will have to refill ink reservoirs, if you run out of ink. This device is meant both for home and office.

Multifunctional pinting device Epson L300 with original CISS

Epson L300, price which will be about $ 200, has a rather high level of printing speed. It is up to 8 pages per minute for A4 format in a high quality mode. It will take about 1 min 35 seconds to print photos of 10 × 15 format. If you are looking for a qualitative printing device for a low cost, you should pay your attention to such model as Epson L355.

Delivery set, dimensions and design of Epson L300 printer

The compact dimensions of Epson L300 will allow you to locate it in any working space. The main merits of this device are its low price, high level of printing and the possibility to use any media. There is all the necessary documentation, USB cable and a power cable in a set. Besides USB cable you can connect it to a computer via USB port, which is located on the back panel. The power connector and vertical paper feeder are also situated on its back panel. At the front there is a tray for prints. At the top panel you can find a power button, an operation indicator and a reset button.

Epson L300 is worth buying due to the wide range of merits. The main advantage of the device in question is its low cost of prints. We got used to rather high cost of printing and consumables, if we are talking about inkjet color printing devices. But on the contrary, L300 is an economical printer, which will save your budget without any loss in quality. You can also choose Epson L210 and get a quality printer, scanner and copier in one case.

So, Epson L300 is a new model, which will be a good choice for you, if you are looking for a good assistant at a reasonable price. The original CISS will allow you to get quality prints and to make savings on printing, because the necessity of purchasing expensive original cartridges was eliminated.