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Privacy Policy


The privacy issues are very important for us. We use tonly data that is assembled lawfully.

Information about you is used for two main reasons: first, as early as possible to handle your order and second, to serve you effectively. We may send info about you to our suppliers and delivery services for giving possibility receive the or

Some items of information we assemble from our customers:

  • Phone number

  • E-mail address

  • Credit/debit card

  • Your name

  • Address


We do not gather confidential information about our client without his consent. You can change the information that we have at "Accounts Settings". If you see any discrepancies, let us know, and we will fix them quickly. Private info that we have about you, is protected in concordance with the Safebuy Code of Practice, our safety policy and the law. If we are going to send information from the United States, we must always ask for your consent.



We do not send spam (useless commercial information) for personal e-mail addresses. All of our marketing emails include information about the possibility to unsubscribe. You can also send a request to unsubscribe to

SECURITY takes every precaution to defend the information of its clients. Your individual information that you send to us is fully protected (online and offline).

Our site uses technology "cookies" that helps to optimise your interaction with using it. 

When you input data on our registration form, all your data is protected and encrypted with the best software - SSL.

The information of our clients has limited access. We work in private offices; all of our employees are identified and wear special ID badges. Across the workspace located surveillance cameras and alarm systems. Only staffs that need the info to fulfill a certain task may have approach to the individual data. All your financial data is not stored in our system.

All the servers with personal clients' inrormation are placed in safe places. Database access is controlled and strictly protected from external approach. Work in the Internet is protected by multiple systems. We use Cisco and Checkpoint firewalls and password protection. All backup copies are also stored in a room with a high level of safety. Only certain staffs have access to them.

All the staff practices security and privacy. Each quarter our staff is reminded of the significance of the defense the identity information of the customers.

If you are unsure about the safety of your data in Inksystem or if you have any questions, you can email us to