Continuous ink supply system (CISS) for Brother MFC-J625DW

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Total amount — 46.00 USD

Warranty 12 months

Country of origin:
South Korea

Material of CISS:

the same as original


1 CISS 46.00 USD = 56 original cartridges 840 USD

Ink system for brother MFC-J625DW: savings for color printing

What is CISS brother MFC-J625DW?

Taking into account that the competition between the major manufacturers of printers, industrial plotters and MFP, incuding the brand Brother, increased rather strongly. Many of these manufacturers have begun to reduce the cost of their printers for their products to be chosen by the end-user. But for profit these manufacturers maintain very high prices for original consumables and ink, although the volume of the cartridge itself is constantly decreasing. Now the situation with the supplies for color inkjet printers has become just absurd, because 8 ml of ink which the original cartridge is filled with, may cost $ 18-20 or more.

Ink system CISS for brother MFC-J625DW

When selecting a printer, we can always choose the model, which we liked most of all. And when choosing genuine consumables, the original cartridge is the exact thing the printer manufacturer can sell to us. This situation with the prices for printers has led to the following: at the moment a good color inkjet printer can be purchased for about $ 50, and additional 4 cartridges for it will already cost 40-45 dollars. Exactly this pricing policy of printer manufacturers has led to the development of alternative supplies. Among them there are: licensed cartridges, various refillable cartridges and ciss MFC-J625DW.

Principles of work of cis brother MFC-J625DW

ciss ink system brother MFC-J625DW, as well as the neighboring class models ciss for brother MFC-5490CN and ciss for brother DCP-J725DW, consists of cartridges and ink containers, the number of containers is equal to the number of cartridges. These containers are connected between themselves by thin tubes – from each container to each cartridge, thereby forming a soft loop. The inks are filled into each container separately according to colors corresponding to the cartridges. That is why the ink is sufficient for a much longer period of time.

The users who have already changed the original cartridges in their printers not once will ask rather logical question: "Each cartridge has a chip with software key that accurately calculates the amount of ink remaining in the tank. That is why, even if the cartridge is refilled again, the chip does not allow printing, because it has estimated the mass of ink has come to an end long ago. How is CISS for MFC-J625DW can avoid this technology? "Typically in the systems of constant supply of ink of such type automatically reset chips are used. When they consider that the ink in bottles is over, you need just to restart the printer and the system will again think that a new set of consumables is installed. The cost of one system ciss for brother MFC-J625DW with a set of ink is less than the cost of a standard set of original cartridges.

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