Plotter Epson Stylus Pro 9700 with CISS

Buy Plotter Epson Stylus Pro 9700 with CISS and make 30 times more quality prints for the same money! Pay only 0.04 USD for A-4 full color print!

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  • Whole set:
    Plotter Epson Stylus Pro 9700 with CISS
    • Total price of this set consists of (US Dollars):
      Plotter Epson 9700 price
      - 4546.9
      Set of cartridges (850 ml) - 579
      Set of ink (5*1000 ml) - 419.95
      Installation - FREE (in the office only)

Total amount — 5546.00 USD

Warranty 12 months

Epson Stylus Pro 9700: Innovative technologies – traditional quality of printing

Plotter Epson Stylus Pro 9700

The most modern technologies, which were used for color inkjet printing

Epson Company provided Epson 9700 with all the up-to-date innovative technologies. Even an amateur users can afford professional qualitative printing with resolution up to 1440 dpi and five-color cartridges. Ultramodern Perfect Picture Imaging System users ink drops of variable size (Variable-Sized Droplet Technology). The minimal volume of ink droplet is 3.5 picolitres due to the usage of Ultra Micro Dot technology. If you use original mediums and easy-drying ink Epson UltraChrome Vivid Magenta, you will get an excellent quality of prints, colorful and saturated shades, which will have a high level of light resistance and will be steady during 20 years.

The latest printing technologies of Stylus pro 9700 allows you to print with resolution in1440x1440 dpi. The printing speed both in monochrome and color modes is the same as its neighbors in this line Epson stylus pro 9900 and Epson stylus pro 9890 have. It is about 46 square meters per hour.

Saving in printing

  • The system of independent cartridges. Now, you don't have to throw the block with ink, if one color is over. You just have to change the empty cartridge.
  • The extended capacity of cartridges allows you to save your money.
  • The availability of economical set of cartridges with standard and extended volume. Due to it you can save up to 10%.
  • The possibility to save money by using economic sets of office and photo paper. If you use large packs of paper (500 sheets), you will save up to 50% on printing using plotter stylus pro 9700.
  • Epson UltraChrome Vivid Magenta- the innovative ink of a new generation will provide you with vivid colorful prints, wide range of color tints and shades of photos and also with high level of text printing.
  • Epson stylus 9700 meets all the requirements of Energy Star (standards of electrical energy efficiency).
  • The availability of USB-interface.

Quality of photo printing

The innovative construction of Epson stylus pro 9700 allows you to make qualitative photo prints. It has a five-color system of cartridges. The printing resolution is 1440 dots per inch. The technology of ink drops of variable size is also available with minimal volume of ink droplet about 3.5 picolitres. All these characteristics provide you with a high level of color rendering, with smooth rendition of color and shades.

The usage of quick-drying ink Epson UltraChrome Vivid Magenta, along with original mediums from Epson Company will provide you with bright and colorful photos, the light resistance of which will be about 20 years. If you use borderless printing mode, you will get qualitative final photos without any frames, they will be similar to the professional photos from a laboratory. With Epson stylus 9700 pro you can make borderless prints on ordinary paper of different formats from 10x15 to A0 as well as on paper in reels. You can print good panoramic images and borderless prints of large format using Epson 9700.